Deerwood Farm is in a secluded area of Hancock County, picturesquely set in a wooded area with a creek flowing through the property.  Cultivated areas have been carved into the wild setting by owner and operator, Sid Cox.  On these garden spots he grows produce without using any artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Deerwood Farm is Sid’s realization of the opposite of his lifelong experience as an IT professional and in his eight years there he has not only built his own house, but also developed the property into a working one-man farm complete with a herd of goats.  A small greenhouse has allowed him to grow tomatoes in the early spring and he plans to expand this project in the colder months based on the success of his first out of season tomatoes. 


Elm Street Gardens is an in-town garden in Sparta’s historic district. Only natural fertilizers and pesticides have been used in this garden which might be dubbed a "book-learning" garden as the resident gardeners, Robert and Suzy Currey, have developed this garden more from what they have read rather than from actual experience.

The concept of this garden is that of a no-till, overall mulch garden.  It is laid out in rows with walking paths between each row.  Also mixed throughout the garden are herbs and flowering plants for pest control and visual enjoyment. 

The first of two 30’ x 96’ hoop houses was added in the summer of 2009. These grow crops such as lettuce, turnips, broccoli and other green leafy vegetables during the winter. Elm Street Gardens has expanded its growing space over the years of its existence. In addition, chickens have been added so that farm fresh eggs may be supplied.

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Growing up in the 1960’s “back to nature” movement influenced the evolution of the gardens at ABC Farms. Our rural farm is located on the Georgia fall line. The sandy, rapidly draining soil is ideal for root crops including onions, turnips, garlic, carrots and beets.  Using traditional farming methods, we endeavor to produce a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. 

Our small orchard includes apple, pear, peach, plum and fig trees as well as blueberries and strawberries.  Wild blackberry, muscadines and huckleberry provide additional ingredients for our homemade jam and jellies.

Vegetables production for 2006 includes turnips, collard, squash, corn, heirloom and hybrid tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, field peas and cucumbers. 

“Henry’s Hens,” our small and entertaining flock of chickens (primarily Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red) produce our “farm fresh” brown eggs. This year we are adding Araucana and Black Cochins to the “Coop Deville.” 


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